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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Collabro Performance in Louth!

I was so so lucky to be at the concert at St James Church in Louth in September last year!  For me it was so special as I had spent a lot of my time as a child in this very beautiful building!  My Dad was Assistant Choirmaster for many years including when Thomas was a chorister here!  When he sings his part in 'All of Me' it always reminds me of listening to the choir boys singing in the church!

Their voices sounded amazing in the church, it was spine tingling and I pray they will come back one day!!!

Thomas thanked everyone for supporting him and spoke of how special it was for him to come back and perform in St James!

Can't thank Collabro enough for taking the time to come to Louth!! Thomas also did get to spend some precious time with his family which these days is really rare as he's so busy!

Outside St James Church

In the local newspaper

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