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Collabro do Style with a Twist on the Usual!

So this post is all about Collabro's style! For this I asked their stylist Roxlene a few questions and she was very happy to help me wit...

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Collabro at Betley Festival Aug 2015

It's been announced that Collabro are to perform at the 3 day Betley Court Farm Festival, previously known as Junction 16 Festival for its 3rd year!

They join Welsh singling legend and The Voice Coach Sit Tom Jones! Previous performers include Status Quo, Ella Henderson, Pixie Lott and the Happy Mondays!

Junction 16 Music festival,  held at Betley court farm
These photos were taken at Total Access Live where they performed 9th August last year which was at the same venue so it gives you an idea of what its going to be like!
Even though the guys look great in their usual suits its nice to see them looking more casual!  They sang Stars and Let it Go, the crowd sang along with them so if you want to do the same book yourself some tickets!

 Total Access Live - Betley Court Farm

 Aww Thomas, you look like a rock star here!!!

It is a picnic concert where festival goers can bring their own hampers to the event at Betley Court Farm!

"We are thrilled to be performing at the festival, we've heard a lot about it" says Rich with Jamie adding "Friends and families can get together and have a great time while we entertain them!"

Jane and Frank Speed, owners of Betley Court Farm Betley Court Farm owners Jane and Frank Speed
Jane "Betley has proved to be really successful event for us and we want to build on that each year!"

Tickets are £25 each and go on sale 9am Thursday 2nd April - call 0844 8889991 to book!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Second Album - ACT 2 - What's Happening!!

So Collabro are currently recording their second album and we now know its called Act 2 or Act II or Act Two, there is no artwork yet so I'm just guessing!

They are using Morgan Pochin Music Productions and have recorded with Westend Gospel Choir!!

Here is a pic of the choir at the recording studio, Collabro are going to sound amazing with these gospel singers!!  Really hope Collabro give us some clues as to the track list very soon!!

Embedded image permalink

Here's a pic of the producers with Alfie Boe so it looks like Collabro are in good company!!

Image preview

Here are a couple of tweets from Morgan pressure then!!!

People appear to have already bought new album, had better get on and finish it...

And today it's and followed by to reassure those who've already bought the album...

This is a pic of Michael with Collabro's stylist Frank Strachan, he styled the guys for the Stars Special Edition cover! He has also worked with The Saturdays and on X Factor!

Embedded image permalink
Michael sent this tweet during the album artwork shoot!
Guys, I haven't gone anywhere!! I've been busy stealing glasses!!
Embedded image permalink
Here's a pic of the guys at the shoot,
Embedded image permalink

Bryony Blake was the make up artist for this shoot, she's worked on lots of TV shows including This Morning and Strictly Come Dancing!!  I would love a make up lesson from her!!
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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Collabro - Fun Pics

So I've been messing around with a new photo editor app!

I have added words and phrases relating to each one of them that I think sums them up!!

Harry Potter fans Collabro at Platform 9 3/4!!

Collabro were invited to the official launch of the Original Hogwarts Express at Platform 9 3/4 at the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London!

We know that they are all really big fans of the Harry Potter books and films so they had a great time at the event!

They each chose a wand and asked fans on Twitter and Facebook to guess which house they are each in!!

Here is the answer;
Jamie - Ravenclaw
Matt - Gryffindor
Michael - Gryffindor
Thomas - Slytherin
Richard - Hufflepuff

Here is a clip of the guys entering Platform 9 3/4!!  Perhaps their is a future in Directing for Jamie!!!

Embedded image permalink

Matt and Michael were asking which character they would like to play! They answered with;
Matt - He said Harry Potter as he likes a battle!
Michael - Hermione as he always looks after the others and tells them what to do like she does!

So who do you think would win if they ever played Quidditch???  Maybe Matt but Thomas is good at gaming so might be better at tactics??

Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink

Embedded image permalink

Jamie with his Elderwand

Embedded image permalink
Matt trying to get in on the action!!!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Collabro Announce Title of Second Album! 25/03/15

Click on this link for Collabro's announcement!!

You can pre-order it via Amazon!!  What are you waiting for.....its gonna be fantastic!!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

If Collabro went into politics!! Singing politicians...that's a first!!

So Collabro recently asked their Collaborators on Twitter and Facebook what they thought the Collabro manifesto would be...and here is the one they chose!!

Here it is. The manifesto of the 'Collabro Party' in one simple paragraph. Congratulations Kathy Edwards. A true ‪#‎Collabrostar‬
"We, Collabro, vow to end bullying, by challenging what people perceive as cool. We will banish stereotypes about homosexuality, about being skinny or overweight... We will show that if you feel cool, and you're happy with yourself, then that's the coolest way to be"
Amen to that! x

So would you vote for these clean cut, healthy living, intelligent looking men??  Yes of course you would.......

......Errr maybe not.......

Joking apart what would each one be the minister for??

Micheal - Minister for looking after the nations teeth and promoting the importance of being nice to each other!!

Richard - Minister for Sports - championing the promotion of rugby from grass roots upwards!!

Jamie - Health Minister and NHS saviour as well as anti bullying and positive body image!!

Matt - Minister for Fun - cheering up the nation in times of austerity!!

Thomas - Minister for the Arts championing the art of gaming...and acting and singing of course!!

Collabro to play at Westlands, Yeovil - Western Gazette readers to get tickets first | Western Gazette

Collabro to play at Westlands, Yeovil - Western Gazette readers to get tickets first | Western Gazette

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Weekly Q & A Feature!!! Find out more about Collabro Here!!

So Collaborators...once a week I will get a question answered by Collabro and post it in my Blog!! This is going to be excellent and I have some brilliant questions lined up!!!

(updated 06/04/2015)

My First Question is;

Q1: What is your dream musical theatre lead role?

So I asked the guys and they answered as follows;

Matt- Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys
Jamie - Javert in Les Miserables
Thomas - Arnold Cunningham in The Book of Mormon
Michael - Link Larkin in Hairspray
Richard - Jean Valjean in Les Miserables or Sweeny in Sweeny Todd!

Lets hope that one day they get to play these roles!!

Q2: How do they decide which member sings which part in their arrangements?? (something I have always wanted to ask!)

A: "We are aware of eachothers voice ranges and how our voices sound at different points in the song so its really easy to dish out! Also we try to keep it even across all songs but its difficult sometimes as there is 5 of us!!!!"

Q3: Do they keep any of the clothes worn in their promo shoots?

A: We do keep some clothes but rarely, but always from their album shoots.  We have a lot of suits!!

Q4: What invention would you bring to Dragons Den? (UK TV programme where inventors try to secure investment)

A: Jamie - Beeper type things for objects so that when you lose them they can be found quickly!
I guess Jamie must lose things a lot and I know I've wasted a lot of time looking for things I have lost so he gets my vote!!

Some examples of other questions, be patient as the guys are really busy so I only get to ask them when they get a spare minute!!! Thanks

Do they have any other talents?

So I asked Collabro is they have any other talents!
Jamie - Fluent in Spanish & of course writing
Thomas - Great at gaming but he also plays some musical instruments
Matt - Brilliant at catching things in his mouth
Here are some clips to prove it!

Richard: Really good rugby player 'Good at running through people!' He's also very strong and lift heavy stuff!!

Embedded image permalink

Michael - Very good with numbers - 'Band Accountant'
He can also walk on his hands so I asked for proof and he sent me this pic of him walking on his hands on the beach in Mexico!

I've zoomed in so you can see he is walking on his hands and not just doing a handstand as the sand dust shows!!  Good one Michael!!

Some other questions I will ask!!

Who would be their dream dinner party guests, dead or alive?

What's their favourite movie and why?

What other genres of music do they like to listen to?

What music do they listen to while in the gym?

And lots more!!

And don't forget to leave your comments!!!!!

Petition for Collabro to Visit USA!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Collabro on Sunday Brunch Show 15th March 2015

Collabro appeared on a UK TV show today, Sunday Brunch!

So the show opens with Collabro singing 'All of Me' A Capella!  The hosts Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer introduce them and chat about their ability to sing A Cappella!


During the show each member of the band reads out a Mothers Day message from a viewer!  They do get to say Happy Mothers day to their mums too!!  As they are so busy they don't get to see their mums very often so I'm sure this make each one of the #CollabroMamas smile!


Later in the show the do a feature on three different gin and Jamie has been asked to take part!

Jamie and Jason are asked to choose which is their favourite, Jamie chooses this one!

Jamie and Jason seem to get a little bit tipsy while tasting the Gin, one has 46%Vol so its not surprising!

These pictures show how they struggled to keep it together during the item on the show!!


Jamie you're sooooooo naughty!!!


Eariler in the show the hosts ask Collabro about their new book, Our Story. 
At the end of the show the boys join the rest of the guests on the show to taste a dessert made by Simon!  Jamie asks about one of the ingredients used...perhaps he is going to make it for his mum as its Mothers Day today!!

Collabro with the other guests who were on the show!