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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

My Review of Collabro Performance - Hull City Hall 3rd March 2015

So I finally get to see this amazing show that I have been hearing about on twitter for the last few weeks!  For those of you who want to relive it or those who didn't manage to get to a performance I hope you enjoy this!

This is Collabro bringing classical and musical theatre to the masses with a lot of success! They have been captivating audiences all the over the country with their impeccable vocal resonations of much celebrated music.

When I arrive I get my first glimpse of auditorium and it is amazing, I love the COLLABRO letters used as the main backdrop of the stage, they are larger than I'd imagined. At this point they are not lit up but already they look so classy!

The show starts with a musical performance from the glamorous glittery trouser wearing singer Philipa Hanna! Not only can she sing beautifully but is also an accomplished guitar player!  She interacts really well with the audience with little anecdotes on her life and musical journey. I truly hope she gets the recording contract she so deserves!

Eagerly waiting in our seats there is a short introduction about their time in Britain's Got Talent with some snippets from the boys.  As soon as they appear the audience cheers and then the big Collabro letter light up and boom....we are faced by five good looking young men at the start of I'm sure a very long career! A meeting of minds and voices and such deserving guys! 

They start with 'Anthem' followed by 'All of Me', one of my favourites, just love Thomas' solo part in this! The slow tempo of this song allows him to show off his vocal style and variation!  Next is 'Music of the Night', this is the first time I have heard them sing this and as its one of my favourite musical songs, I love it, I used to sing to it at the top of my voice when I was younger!

They are charming and engaging throughout, thanking the audience, fans, family and friends numerous times for helping them get to where they are today! Interacting with the audience throughout the show with their humour and candour made it more special and making it seem so intimate. 

Next their cover of 'Secrets' by One Republic after which they leave the stage and Lucy Kay performs 'Habanera' and 'Vissi d'Arte'.  Lucy's performance was both powerful and polished with breathtaking high notes!  Lucy also sings 'Nessun Dorma' which I first fell in love with during the Italia '90 World Cup!  Again a faultless performance leading to a standing ovation before she had finished has last note!  Very well deserved too!

When they come back to perform 'Falling Slowly' they have had a 'costume change' each wearing a similar but different suits! Their stylist has got it spot on!  For the final part of the show they wear black suits covered in sparkly beads!!

Next Thomas takes the centre of the stage to begin 'Over the Rainbow' which is what they had originally planned to sing at their second appearance on Britain's Got Talent.  Thomas' vocal production is so pure its just stunning!  It reminds me so much of listening to the choir sing at St James in Louth as a child! After this is John Legend's 'All of Me' and again Thomas' solo in this is divine!

'Somewhere' which is from West Side Story, one of my dad's favourite musicals so as a child I heard it many times!  It used to make me cry! This was probably where my love of this music genre started!

'Come What May' is performed with Lucy Kay showing how versatile the guys are, the result is sublime,  This starts with Richard and Lucy singing duet so faultless and polished its as if they have performed together for a very long time! I wonder how much time they had to rehearse as they have had a gruelling schedule since winning BGT! Jamie also duets with Lucy and again its perfect!  I hope this version makes it to the new album due out soon!

'I'll Be There For You' made famous by the hit TV show friends is performed around a keyboard played by Jamie! They have given this a Collabro twist by slowing the original fast rhythm they have formed a marvellous cover! This delightful fusion of harmonies using a combination of humming and vocal production is charming.  Their ability to perceive and reproduce anything from popular music to Disney tunes using different vocal registers is very impressive.

When they finally sing 'Stars' I am taken back to that moment when I first heard them sing and its spine tingling!  Their families were at their first audition so I am sure they were close to tears!  They also perform 'I Dreamed a Dream' which I had hoped they would!  Michael shows off his vocal talent with an excellent solo!  When he performs you can't help but smile, his love for singing is easily conveyed to the audience as he is so expressive!

This Thomas' area of the country so he tells of how happy he is to perform in front of his family, friends and local fans.  A lovely speech and little wave at the end to his family shows how appreciative he is of all the support he has.  Their penultimate show is at Grimsby Auditorium where I am sure there will be lots more local fans!!  Grimsby is very near to his home town of Louth (and mine)!

'Bring him home' starts as always with a stunning solo by Richard using his different range of vocal registers!  He is then joined by the others again harmonising beautifully!  Matt also sings a solo part, his vocal technique superb, they are all equally matched vocalists!  Richard ends it with a captivating falsetto!

At the end of the show of course there is a standing ovation, one of many during the evening!

So That's it for now, I will post another review and more pictures once I have been to the show at Grimsby Auditorium! 

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Unknown said...

AnnaMam, Thank you for your blog! You write so eloquently! Your blog literally took me to each well described moment as if I was there; which is the next best thing since I'm in the U.S. Your account of the lads and their abilities is amazing to say the least, as is their singing abilities and their talents! I am in awe of these five lads and their journey! As I have said continuously, I can't get enough of them! I have the Need for feed - COLLABRO! How exciting they are now working on their 2nd album! I truly hope they get some well deserved R&R and time with family and friends! The next tour needs to be in the USA! Like Matt says in every interview he wants to come here...and we want him/them here! Their Collaborators are here! Thank you and God Bless all of you! Please continue with your blog! Best to you and the guys, Mitzi Rayburn