Collabro's Style!

Collabro do Style with a Twist on the Usual!

So this post is all about Collabro's style! For this I asked their stylist Roxlene a few questions and she was very happy to help me wit...

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Suits or Casual - vote now!

Christmas Album Poll

Fun Collabro Polls!

So I have decided to add some fun polls to my blog! Hope you enjoy doing them and keeping up with the results! Please retweet on Twitter and leave your comments on my blog!

Collabro Poll - Best on Twitter!

Friday, 14 August 2015

My Current Situation - Blog Updates

Hey Readers!

I am currently having treatment and fighting Acute Myloid Leukemia which means I am not always well enough to update this blog regularly!

Please, please bear with me as when I am well again this Blog will the the place to go for all things Collabro!  The boys know I am ill and sent me a lovely video message!  I have pinned this message to my profile page so you can take a look!!!

Thanks Collaborators