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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Collabro In Fine Voice!

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Sorry but I never get tired of watching this!  The first time a lot of us saw Collabro perform!
Collabro on Britain's Got Talent!

A Thousand Years - Oh wow they are amazing singing this!

Their cover of 'All of Me' by John Legend - One of my favourites!

Here is a link to the guys singing 'I'll Be There For You'

Somewhere Only We Know - click on the link

For more videos check out Vevo and You Tube!

@Collabro #USAtour Radio interview!! 25th Jan

So we all know the guys were in America recently to do a few gigs which proved really popular. While they were there they did a radio interview with Dominic Taverna DJ on WBNY buffalo's radio station!  The interview was pre-recorded and broadcast on 25th January.

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Below is a transcript of their interview, hope you enjoy it, I certainly did!!

It starts with host, Dominic talking about the listeners who are tuning in from around the world as he's had people tweeting in from lots of different locations!

DT: So hello guys how are you?
They all reply 'Hello'
DT: Thanks for calling, you guys are in Philly now right?
TR: We are and eating Philly cheese steaks!
DT:  Is that your favourite so far?
MA: Yea we've been out searching for the best ones today.
RH: It's between that and Boston cream pie!

DT: You guys performed last night, correct?
RH: Yeah it was fantastic, we did a little gig in Sellarsville to about 300 people and it was just so awesome to be at intimate places with the fans literally right there, so yeah it was fantastic.  We did a huge meet and great afterwards and met everyone which I think went on longer than the gig possibly but was absolutely unreal!
DT: That's awesome, now just a little background as some of our listeners may not know,  you guys won Britain's Got Talent, correct?
Collabro: That's right yeah.
DT: Awesome, not a lot of groups can say they made Simon Cowell stand up!
TR: Yeah, well actually a little story about that, we got out first standing ovation from Simon Cowell and then within the show we got two more which was amazing!  We've since done some corporate gigs while he's been there and I've unashamedly been counting up the standing ovations and we're into double digits now, I think 11 or 12, it's a point of pride for me I guess.
DT: That's awesome, Simon Cowell, he comes to America a lot for America's Got Talent and American Idol so he does a lot of stuff like that.
So members of the group are Michael, Richard, Jamie, Matt and Thomas. So out of the whole group who is the youngest?
MA: Richard is the youngest.
RH: I'm 22.
DT: Ok, you were born in December, right?
RH: Yeah December 1st 1993.
DT: Perfect, I'm a 90's baby too!
RH: Hey, how about that!

DT: So where are you guys all from?
TR: We're all from the UK but, different places, I think the most north is Matt from Carlisle and the most south will be...
RH: Me, I'm from Brighton.
TR: Mmm
DT: Nice, nice.

DT: So give me a little information about the song you sung for Britain's Got Talent that made everyone go nuts.  I know it was from a musical but please elaborate.
MA: So the song we sung was called 'Stars' and it's from Les Miserables which is collectively our favourite musical.  We were originally going to sing 'Bring Him Home' which is actually one of the more well known songs from the musical.  But when we got together, in a room above a pub and started singing together we thought, you know, we really need to take this to Britain's Got Talent and erm we just decided a couple of days before the audition that we wanted to sing Stars because we wanted to do something just slightly different.  We wore t-shirts and jeans because we are young boys in our 20's and we just wanted to let the music speak for itself!
DT: That's awesome! So that was recorded for TV right?
MA: Yes, we were at the Hammersmith Apollo in London and we recorded it in the February and it was played in the April on TV.
DT: Ok and then you guys were in the live finale?
JL: Yeah, we did the semi final first where we actually went through with 64% of the votes out of 11 acts which was unbelievable, it's actually a record I think.  Then when we did the final we won with a really large percentage again so we were really shocked and we never really dreamed that we would win!  We just kinda wanted to get our music out there to a bigger audience and it's been an amazing ride!

DT: So who was it who started on You Tube?
TR: Oh we found Richard on You Tube when we were trying to get band members together and he was actually singing 'Bring Him Home' and we heard him and we knew we had to have him!
DT: It's such a small world cos you guys did a collaboration with Casey Breves, correct?
Collabro: Yeah
DT: Ok, I interviewed him on this show too!  So I just found that out yesterday when I was going through your You Tube and I saw Casey and I couldn't believe it!  He's great and you guys should get together more when you come to America!
TR: Yeah, last time we came over to America we were in New York and then we flew over the LA to do a little You Tube track with him, you know, he's just the nicest guy!  When we were in New York we did a meet and greet there and we had people come up to us and say 'Oh you know I flew over all the way from LA' and we went 'Did you know we're doing a show in LA' and they went 'Yeah, we're coming to that as well' so erm it was just a nice thing for us to hear, we did love being in LA and we loved doing the video with Casey!
DT: That's awesome and LA's awesome, that's where I'm going to after I graduate!

DT: Guys what is your favourite song right now that's on your You Tube channel, I'm gonna play one after the interview, what should I play?
JL: We actually really love 'Somewhere only we know' it's one of our lesser known ones but, it's starting to do really well on our Vevo channel, so check that out!
DT: Cool, well guys thanks for coming on and err I know you guys were huge cos I'm just a small town radio station like I don't have lots of followers but the minute I tweeted out that you guys were coming on my Twitter like blew up for like 24 hours!
The guys all laugh!
DT: I went from 450 followers to 730 and now I've been getting emails from different radio stations around New York that want to know more about you so you guys are gonna eventually get there, you guys are already here but guys are gonna get to that next level!
TR: We love being over here.
RH: Yeah, we really want to and the fans keep saying to us when's the next time you're coming out and obviously we don't know yet but we want to come back out as soon as possible and keep doing these gigs and keep making new music because it's just a delight to be able to do what we love for a job.
DT: Cool

DT: You guys are going on tour in the UK, correct?
Collabro: Yeah we are.
TR: We're going on tour from the end of February to April, we're doing loads of venues all up and down to UK.  One at the Royal Albert Hall which is one of the biggest venues in London actually!
DT: Cool guys, thank you very much for coming on, it was a pleasure!
Collabro: Thank you very much!

Dominic plays 'Somewhere only we know' which is now one of my favourites!!  Really hope they do this on tour and on their next album...what do you think?!

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Collabro in America!

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Collabro chat - Jamie's Emotions & Michael's Fan Mishap!

Hey Collaborators, even though this is taken from quite an old interview, it took place in August 2014, its a really entertaining interview!  Also some things you may not have heard before so enjoy!!
The interview starts with them being asked by Stefan Kyriazis from the Star about their album Stars

Tom explains how it felt to win BGT!
MP: Its musical theatre numbers and we've got a couple of pop songs with a Collabro twist in there!
SK: So not any heavy metal or anything like that in there?
MP: Well, actually I rap on it.
SK: On the album?
MP: Yeah.

Matt Raps?

SK: Is this a good idea?
Matt smiles cheekily!
JL: He doesn't rap!
They all laugh

SK: What did winning feel like, when did it all sink in? Or had it sunk in yet?
TR: It still hasn't sunk in to be honest with you, things are moving so fast and we're doing so much at the moment that we haven't really had time to calm down. We've not really had time to sit down and let it all sink in, to sit back and go oh my god we won!  It's just an absolute blur at the moment!

SK: Can you remember anything that was going through your head? (To JL) Like please can I stop crying in front of a massive audience!
JL: I don't remember doing it you know!
MP: Tell him about the medic.
JL: Oh yeah, so my sister is a medical student and at the after party she was talking to the chief medical officer on site.  She said to me, you need to go and talk to that guy, he's got a really funny story for you!  So I did, he said, when you guys won and were singing your last song every medic there was on hand because we all thought you were going to collapse, I was like, really? Was I that bad? And then I watched it back and was like, fair enough!
SK: Complete wreak!
JL: Yeah, I was.
TR: We're there to catch him when he goes.
RH: It's the clenched fists that's the sign!
JL: When we won all the the families were lining up on the side of the stage and I saw my mum and that was why, we all got emotional when we saw our mums!

Image result for jamie lambert
Jamie with his mum, Lorraine!
SK: So whose mum is going to like turn into a superstar?
MA: My mum isn't on Twitter or anything, she doesn't even know what's going on!
SK: Does she know you've won?
MA I don't know actually! (he laughs) 

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Michael with his Mum!
SK: (To Jamie) You don't take a compliment very well do you?
JL: Why?
SK: Every time some one says something good about you, you kind of shake your head!
TR: He makes a face and goes (Tom shakes his head a screw up this face and they all laugh)

Tom demonstrating Jamie's face!

JL: That is not my face!

Jamie's not so sure!

TR: It is! (he repeats the impression of Jamie)
MA: Do the thing with your teeth!

JL: Apparently I make a really ugly face when I think I have something in my teeth! (He makes a face and demonstrates, they all laugh)

Jamie's 'teeth' face!

SK: So has anyone cried yet, that's always an awkward one!
TR: Oh Soccer Six! (He gestures to Michael)
MA: Oh gosh...(Richard laughs) 

MA: We were practising, just having a kick around and basically I went to shoot the ball and Matt was in goal and it went just over the crossbar and hit a girl in the face!  You know when a moment like slows down, I could see it was gonna hit her in the face but I didn't have time to do anything!  

MA: So it hit her in the face, I ran straight over and went 'I am so sorry, so sorry, is there anything I can do?' And she just said 'Can you sign my t-shirt?' I was like...errr...ok!

JL: The sound of it hitting her, it just like resounded, we were all like... (makes shocked face)


With the Star's reporter!

Friday, 15 January 2016

Richard & Roxy in the USA!!

So Richard and Roxy have been having lots of fun in New York and I'm sure all Collaborators are happy to see them enjoying themselves!

Today they went to see the hit musical Les Miserables on Broadway.  When I'd asked Richard previously he'd said that his dream theatre role would be to play Jean Valjean! So being able to watch the show from the front row followed by a tour backstage was a dream come true!  Alfie Boe is currently playing Richard's coveted role and when he heard that Richard and Roxy were 'in the area' he arranged this for them!  Perhaps one day he'll be able to help Richard get the role of Jean Valjean!!

They Both thought the whole experience was absolutely brilliant, the show had new direction and they preferred the Broadway set to ones they have seen before, it is a show they have seen several times! And of course they thought Alfie Boe was 'Amazing!'

They also bumped into Matt, who was on his way to see The Colour Purple, also on Broadway, this was a total coincidence!! Perhaps another example of the guys being so close and in tune with each other that even when they are having 'time apart' they end up together again!?  Perhaps Richard and Matt had been communicating telepathically!?  I often think, when I watch them perform, that they seem to be reading each others minds, the way their voices blend together so perfectly!

Richard, Roxy, Alfie Boe and 'Cousin Dave'

Collabro to Perform at Fundraiser in Ffwrnes - May 2016

A link the the article about the event!

A link the the website of the choir they will be performing with

Collabro USA Tour Boston Venue

This is the venue in Boston where Collabro are performing on 16th January!tcan

I have included the write up they have published about Collabro!

Here it is!!

When the five of you came out, I thought, here we go again...another boy band, this is going to be was an absolutely BRILLIANT audition." - Simon Cowell on Britain's Got Talent
Since winning Britain’s Got Talent in June 2014, Collabro’s diary has been a whirlwind of champagne, business meetings, recording studios and TV appearances. The five-piece musical theatre group swept to victory on the ITV reality show and won a £250,000 cashprize as well as a much coveted slot on The Royal Variety Show. Shortly after the final, they signed a record deal with Syco Music.

Over the past six months, Collabro have released a #1 album called ‘Stars’ featuring music from Les Miserables which remained in the Top 20 for six consecutive weeks, performed for Prince William & The Duchess of Cambridge at The Royal Variety Show alongside Dame Shirley Bassey, One Direction & Alfie Boe, and have recently begun their near sell out 32 date tour including a sold out date at London Palladium. Yet just a few months ago, it was a very different story.

The band - Michael Auger, Richard Hadfield, Jamie Lambert, Matt Pagan and Tom Redgrave - first got together in a grotty north London pub where the floors were sticky with beer and the musty air thick with dust motes. Having met through mutual friends and on social media, the five young men planned to spend some time rehearsing a few songs they could then use to audition for cruise ships and international tours.Each night, those who didn't live in the capital had to trek back to their £30-a-night hotel to contend with dodgy electrics, no hot water, and bed bugs.It was an inauspicious start to life in a band, and the boys admit they were facing an uncertain future.In fact, if it hadn't been for their success on BGT, the boys might have gone back to their day jobs - which included accounting, teaching, and working in a petrol station. "It was pretty grim," admits Richard. "The pub had no windows or natural light, it was just cheap rehearsal space. I'm pretty sure it cost more to buy our lunch than it did to rent that room! And the hotel - I won't name it, but my God. There was no electricity, no hot water. We found all these sweet wrappers under the bed! It clearly hadn't been cleaned for ages. So we moved, but the new place had bed bugs. It was pretty nasty.

With no regular income, it took nerves of steel to turn down offers of regular work to pursue their dream. Jamie says, "During that time, I got offered a couple of cruise ship jobs: one in particular was very well paid and it would have been good, steady work with a chance to see the world. But I turned them down in favour of Collabro, even though we were scraping money together to keep going. But I just had a feeling about Collabro. We'd only just met, but our voices sounded good together and we got on really well. I just felt it was worth a shot."Jamie was right to trust his intuition. Just five months after meeting for the first time, Collabro won Britain's Got Talent.

Collabro released their newest album Act Two in June 2015 and toured in Japan, America and Australia. Collabro are one of the freshest and most promising boy bands – albeit with a twist...of this generation!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

The New York Venue - Gig 17th January!

This is an extract from the venue where Collabro are performing in New York. Interesting to read how they see the Band and what they know about them!   Can't wait to read what they write once they've heard them sing! This is how they are promoting them!  Plus a bit about the venue itself!

SINCE winning Britain’s Got Talent, Collabro’s diary has been a whirlwind of Touring, recording studios, TV appearances & International travel! 
The five-piece musical theatre group swept to victory on the ITV reality show in June 2014 and won a £250,000 cash prize as well as a much-coveted slot on The Royal Variety Show. 
The band went on to sign with Simon Cowell’s Syco Music & their career has gone from strength to strength here in the UK & Internationally. 
They released their debut album ‘Stars’ which smashed in to the no.1 spot beating Ed Sheeran in the process and at the time being the fastest selling album for a debut act. A Christmas released special edition of ‘Stars’ followed to further their domination of the charts. 
A sell out 32 date UK tour started at the beginning of year, which saw the band play in prestigious venues such at The London Palladium and perform to over 55,000 people!! 
2015 has seen the band release their 2nd album ‘Act Two’ which charted at No.2 beaten only by Florence & The Machine. The band have sold over 300,000 albums in 1 just a year ! Not bad for 5 guys that were completely unknown just one year before. 
Collabro have played shows in America, Japan & Hong Kong where they have been greatly received with great demand for future shows. 
2016 will see the band embark upon another, larger tour, this time selling out venues such as The Royal Albert Hall. 
The band – Michael Auger, Richard Hadfield, Jamie Lambert, Matt Pagan and Tom Redgrave – first got together in a grotty north London pub where the floors were sticky with beer and the musty air thick with dust motes. 
Having met through mutual friends and on social media, the five young men planned to spend some time rehearsing a few songs they could then use to audition for cruise ships and international tours. Each night, those who didn’t live in the capital had to trek back to their £30-a-night hotel to contend with dodgy electrics, no hot water, and bed bugs. 
It was an inauspicious start to life in a band, and the boys admit they were facing an uncertain future. In fact, if it hadn’t been for their success on BGT, the boys might have gone back to their day jobs – which included accounting, teaching, and working in a petrol station.
iridium nycThe Venue inside
With renovations totaling $150,000, including a unique lighting and stage treatment designed by Abigail Rosen, The Iridium initially debuted its new look in September 2015 welcoming back Front and Center, public television’s critically-acclaimed music series, for the filming of four all-new episodes.  These initial Front and Center tapings featured performances by singer-songwriter B├śRNS, iconic pianist and five-time Grammy Award nominee Joe Jackson, Platinum selling Country star Kip Moore and British singer-songwriter George Ezra.
The Iridium is a musical landmark famously known as a destination for intimately experiencing the best rock, jazz, and blues artists in the world.  Over the last 20 years, The Iridium has built up a reputation for attracting iconic instrumentalists and vocalists seven nights a week, and as a result has grown in the diversity of its music offerings as emerging songwriters seek to join in the room’s rich history of music discovery.  Among the superstar acts that have graced The Iridium stage are Les Paul, who played weekly at The Iridium until his passing in 2009, Jeff Beck, Steve Miller, Buddy Guy, Joe Walsh, Zakk Wylde, Joe Satriani, The Rolling Stones’ Mick Taylor and Charlie Watts, Max Roach, Michael Brecker, among many others.  Today, in addition to its consistent draw of legendary rock guitarists and jazz and blues musicians, The Iridium regularly showcases next generation talent spanning a variety of genres including folk, indie pop, alt rock, R&B, cabaret and world music.
Les Paul, revered as a pioneer in electric guitars and music recording, has influenced The Iridium becoming one of the only NYC concert venues to double as a live recording studio boasting its own music label – IridiumLive.  Since 2011, notable releases on the IridiumLive label have included Grammy-winning guitarist Albert Lee’s ‘Live At The Iridium’ and ‘Les Paul Trio And Friends: A Jazz Tribute to Les’ featuring Les Paul’s band performing with special guests Nels Cline of Wilco, jazz guitar legend Stanley Jordan, Jane Monheit, and Bucky Pizzarelli.  Jeff Beck’s Grammy-nominated ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Party Honoring Les Paul’ is also among the historical recordings at The Iridium

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Michael Auger - BBC Radio Wales - Dec 2015

Here is the link the interview with Michael on BBC Radio Wales on 30th December 2015.  The interview is 1hr 36min into the programme
Below is a transcript I have done of the interview as overseas Collaborators cannot always listen and BBC iplayer only keeps programmes for a limited amount of time!! Enjoy!!

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Michael is interviewed by Matt Johnson, they have met a few times before so its a nice informal chat!!  However when Matt tries to speak to Michael via his mobile he can't get hold of him!!  So the interview starts with;

MJ: Hello Michael!
MA: Hello...sorry about that, I was in a soft play area with my nephew!
MJ: I don't believe you!
MA: I can show you pictures!

MJ: So how are you? Have you had a nice Christmas? (this interview takes place on 30th Dec)
MA: Great yeah...I mean Christmas is a time for family getting together and we've actually had some time off, we do have a New Year's Eve gig which will be exciting but its been great to have a few days off!
MJ: Yea its great to spend time with your family. Where did you spend it?
MA: At my Mum's, we had everyone there, I think on Christmas Day there were ten of us and on Boxing Day eighteen I think!  Lots of people to feed!
MJ: No arguments? Did everything go smoothly?
MA: Yeah no arguments.  I was in charge of all the games thing that was really funny was that my Mum and Dad brought these face masks of the Collabro boys and gave them out to all my family, I came downstairs and there they all were, I didn't think I would be spending Christmas with the boys but then I was!

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Here's Michael's family with the Collabro masks!!

MJ: So do you do like a secret Santa with the other Collabro boys?
MA: Yeah, we did a secret Santa, I think on the 20th December, everyone got each other a little gift!
MJ: What did you get?
MA: It's funny as you start to realise what everyone thinks of the other in the group!  So I brought Jamie a bottle opener as he likes to drink a lot of wine! (laughs)  I got given a chocolate teapot from Richard because I eat too much chocolate!
MJ: Because you are about as useful as one?
MA: Yeah exactly!  Apparently its a special one that you can actually have hot chocolate in and then it still pours and doesn't melt, then you can eat the chocolate afterwards!
MJ: That is the dream!

Image result for chocolate teapot
Yeah they do actually exist!
Image result for chocolate teapot
This might be the same one!!

MJ: So tell us about that gig on New Year's Eve.
MA: It's a family that absolutely love Collabro and asked us to come and sing for them.  So it's gonna be really exciting, really intimate, really nice to be singing and celebrating New Year's Eve with other families and people enjoying Collabro all year round!
MJ: So me with my show biz hat on thinks its in Dubai, your being flown out by some rich family to perform in front of like three people!
MA: (laughs)'s in Surrey!

MJ: So it's gone fantastically well, congratulations by the way!
MA: Thank you,
MJ: It's really well deserved, all you guys are lovely guys, I've met you on numerous occasions at different Simon Cowell parties and what not and you've done very well.  What's next for you guys?
MA: Actually, the next trip is the big one to America, we're touring the East Coast so Boston, New York and Pennsylvania.  It's great to that tickets are selling out when we've only been over there once before and so we've got such a great fan base and our US Collabro team are doing a great job.  We're there for just over ten days.  And when we get back we've got our UK tour from 23rd Feb to 3rd April, it's 34 dates so it's gonna be pretty intense!
MJ: Michael, the big questions is are you coming to Wales because the Strictly Tour doesn't!?
MA: Of course! On my Birthday!
MJ: Oh really!
MA: In Llandudno
MJ: That's a fantastic year planned out for you guys!
MA: Yeah and come the summer who knows what we'll be doing, hopefully back to America or a third album, we just can't wait to keep on going and hopefully seeing you at more Simon Cowell shin digs! (laughs),

MJ: When we announced you would be coming on we got Tweets from all over the world, New Zealand, Australia, America you have a world wide fan base!
MA: Yeah and these are places we really want to go!  Like we were number 4 in the charts and we'd never even been there, that's pretty exciting!
We've been to Japan four times now and we absolutely love it, it like a home from home and we're really greateful to all the fans.  Actually the Japanese fans are amazing, turning up at the airport!  So we turn up after a long flight, feeling a little worse for wear and there are hundreds of fans wanting our picture so we always try to put on a big smile!
MJ: I remember talking to Richard about that trip to Japan as we both took part in Rugby Aid, he's a wonderful guy and a fantastic player, he won the game for us!
MA: He absolutely loves it, we weren't able to come and see him but we were watching on TV, I had my whole family watching!

Image result for richard hadfield rugby aid 2015
Here is Richard (on the keft) taking part in Rugby Aid!

MJ: What happened in Japan?
MA: Oh, he got left in Japan!  Basically, he put his passport in a suit jacket rather than his own personal one or his hand luggage.  So the group suits were packed in a separate case.  He overslept on the day we were leaving so we all went ahead and the group cases had gone ahead and onto the plane so there was nothing we could do!
MJ: He said it was just me on my own in Japan so what could I do?  I just had to make a holiday of it!  I just loved his attitude!
MA: Yeah, we were at home and it was raining in England and we thought hang on a minute! (laughs)

MJ: You must have a great time you lads you always seem that you are a tight knit group of lads and just having a laugh and you're not taking anything for granted!
MA: Absolutely, that's what's amazing, like we all just keep each other grounded and actually what's really interesting is once we've done a show and you think we need some time to chill out and maybe sleep in the van or whatever, we're still up chatting, discussing songs, singing harmonies, playing games and the fun never stops really!
MJ: I think that's what the public really like about're genuinely nice guys!
MA: We are learning new songs for our tour so don't think you're just gonna see the same songs, there's new stuff, mash ups...
MJ: Great...and thank you!  So we're going to end this by playing 'All of Me'
MA: Thank you!!!

The segment ends with Collabro's cover of 'All of Me'

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Friday, 8 January 2016

Michael Auger Fit Famous Males Atricle!

Here is the link to the interview with Mr Michael Auger who came in at number 4 in the poll run by Fit Famous Males!!!  Result!!!

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Michael Auger talks about his Peak Productions Venture!

Image result for michael auger matinee radio

Here are some links to interviews with Michael Auger about Peak Productions.  Firstly he talks to Matinee Radio about his new venture Peak Productions and why he decided to set it up!  He also talks about Edges the first musical Peak Productions has presented and why it appealed to him!

Image result for michael auger peak productions

There is also a clip of Michael expressing his gratitude to Collabro's fans, Collaborators for their continued support!

Here is another link to Michael talking with Smooth Radio about Peak Productions!

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Here is a link to an interview with a magazine!

A link to a review of Edges!