Collabro's Style!

Collabro do Style with a Twist on the Usual!

So this post is all about Collabro's style! For this I asked their stylist Roxlene a few questions and she was very happy to help me wit...

Monday, 11 April 2016

Jamie on being voted the nation's favourite BGT winners!

Here is the link to an article where Jamie talks about winning the Good Morning Britain Poll.
Collabro were voted the best act over the show's 10 year history!

Below is a link where you can watch Collabro being congratulated by the programme Good Morning Britain!

This is where Matt gave a cheeky wink to the camera!

This is Michael says 'we have the best fans!'

Saturday, 9 April 2016

The Passion of Collabro

The photographs in this post are from their show in Grimsby which is the only one I managed to go to! They truly are phenomenal live and nothing compares to hearing their powerful voices filling the auditorium.

Expressive movements coupled with their ability to perceive different aspects of music including pitch, harmony and rhythm adds to the brilliance of each performance.  Not once did they not give their all and lets face it they must have been exhausted as this was nearly the last show of their Act Two tour!

These photographs I have from this show illustrate their passion and love for singing such beautiful music.  Leaving every single member of the audience in no doubt that they are thrilled to be on stage in front of their many fans!

Thursday, 31 March 2016

Michael Auger on Collabro's Tour Bus & Royal Albert Hall

This was on Eagle Radio on 23rd March 16...the link is further down if you want to have a listen!!

Michael loves performing for Collaborators!

So the interview starts with the host Lewis Mason stating;

'So they've become friends of the station over the past couple of years since winning Britain's Got Talent and it's a delight to have them coming back to Guildford with a sold out show and joining me right now is Michael Auger from Collabro!'

LM: Hello mate.
MA: Hello! How are you doing?
LM: Really really're so busy right now, you're here there and everywhere! Right now you are actually in the Collabro tour bus heading to Plymouth aren't you?
MA: Yes we are, we like to get to venues as soon as we can so that we're all rested before the show.
LM: And what is the Collabro tour bus like, does it have a bit of atmosphere...what's going on there?
MA: Ok, so there are only 6 seats which obviously is enough for us and each of our seats is actually a first class aeroplane seat.  The secret is that we're actually in Simon Cowell's old tour van and he replaced the original seats with aeroplane seats so we've got old school aeroplane seats in our van reclined at the moment!
LM: That's so showbiz, you are driving around in Simon Cowell's tour bus...I love it and of course you're gonna be bringing the tour bus to Guildford next week on Sunday, but of course it's all sold out which is amazing!
MA: I know it's amazing, it's our final show actually, they actually said that Guildford was a little bit too small but I was like 'no we have to go back to Guildford, it's my home town, we need it on there' and it sold out within a few days!

LM: So what's been going down best on tour in terms of the set list?
MA: So obviously all the Les Miserables stuff goes down amazingly, we tend to get standing ovations after 'Bring Him Home' and 'I Dreamed a Dream' so that's just absolutely amazing and also 'Memory' gets a good standing ovation as well which is from Cats and we also do a Phantom section, that gets people on their feet too.  We just can't believe that people are still standing up for us, we're just so overwhelmed, it makes is so much more enjoyable being on that stage!
LM: Absolutely, you say you can't believe it but of course Guildford sold out within moments of going on sale but of course people are thinking they can't get tickets but this weekend you play the Royal Albert Hall which is not far to travel so what an experience that is going to be!
MA: I know, Saturday night, it's going to be amazing, we actually did the Royal Albert Hall as part of a charity event recently and so it's great that we've been out on the stage as a little warm up and we can't wait to be headlining our own show!
LM: It's gonna be a brilliant gig so of course anyone who couldn't get tickets for the Guildford gig it's only up the road, you can pop down to the Royal Albert Hall!  So thank you for coming on the show and best of luck for Saturday!
MA: Thanks!

Here is the link to the's after 2hrs in!

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Thomas and Michael - Chat Favourite Animations!

This post is a brief summary of Michael and Thomas' appearance in a recent TV programme 'The Greatest Animated Movies'

I have also uploaded some clips to my youtube channel but I am only a beginner so apologise that they are not very good but at least you get the idea! Here's the link

The first film they chat about is Pokemon of course!!!

TR: When the movie came out and in one of the first scenes Ash was fighting this other trainer and he sent out this Pokemon, it was one which no one had seen before so everybody lost their minds! So good to its fans it keeps pushing out little titbits for them!

MA: But then over the course of the film you realise that it's love that conquers all, like any good film really.
TR: It's a really lovely kind of tale really where he realises that all this destruction and nihilism is completely wrong and he's got to, you know, love his fellow men and Pokemon.
MA: And Pikachu is really cute.
TR: Yeah Pikachu is really cute.

TR: Every masterpiece is underrated in its time...right?? (to Michael).
MA: Yeah.
TR: It was a huge morality tale, like in the movie there is a line 'I see now it's not the circumstances of one's birth but what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.' That wasn't a political leader or philosopher that said that...that was Mewtwo who said that!
MA: A cat!
TR: Yeah a big genetically modified cat!


They both sing a part from 'Let it Go'

Singing 'Let if Go'

MA: I remember on our first album they said 'are there any songs that you really want to go on the album?' and I remember saying 'Let it Go' from Frozen.

Michael talks Frozen!

TR: Whenever we sing that song we go 'have we got any Frozen fans?' and half of the people go 'yeah' and the other people go 'Ohhh'

Half the audience go 'Yeah!'

The other half go 'Ohhhh'

'The cold never bothered me anyway'


'It's about a normal family' 

'Is it?'

'Ok it's about a seemingly normal family!'

Michael's Edna Mode

'My God you've gotten fat!'

'More Edna Mode'

'Maybe we could have capes'

Thomas does Edna Mode!

'No capes!'

Talking about Chicken Run!

Talking about Chicken Run, Thomas loved the pile of chickens!


TR: While it's a children's movie it's very adult in the concepts that it takes on, a lot of it is about greed!
I know it sounds crazy but, it's great!

It sounds crazy!

TR: Over here in the West it's very fluid and very neat and there they are not afraid to make the character of Sen kind of clumsy and to make the animation reflect that!


MA: You almost want to go 'oh what's that about?' it sounds like fantasy, it almost gives you that impression, you're expecting magical things to happen!

Michael describes Fantasia
They both sing a tune from the movie!
TR: It's lovely that everything is choreographed in it, all of it is choreographed to the music it's just something really special to watch, especially knowing that it was made in 1940 when animation options were limited!

TR: I've never seen the ending! When I was a kid, there was one scene where this huge bat comes off the top of a mountain and it goes...(he does an impression of it!) and that scared the bejesus out of me when I was a kid...I had to turn the VHS off, I couldn't watch past that point so I've never seen the it good? (turns to Michael) Is it good?

The monster story!

Thomas' monster face!

'Is it good?'

'Is it good?'

Thomas doing another impression!!