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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Jamie Lambert speaks out!

Here's a link to an article from 02/03/2015

Jamie speaks out about his past battle with body dysmorphia.  I totally agree that the fashion industry has a lot to answer for as I too suffered when I was younger.  We have been totally brainwashed into thinking that thin equals success, happiness and popularity! We are bombarded with images of thin, toned & perfect skinned men and women but in reality this is not achievable for most people.  There has been a few examples of stars allowing pictures of themselves to be shown without airbrushing, very brave of them!  Also some high street stores have been criticized for using manikins that are super thin, again promoting the impossible figure!

I often think of how things were for women in the past when they made their own dresses or altered clothing to fit their figure.  This meant that they never had that gut wrenching moment of trying to cram their body into a certain size; we've all been there in those awful changing rooms trying on an item of clothing in our usual size finding it too tight; leading to yet another day feeling fat, ugly and a failure!  Back then women's fuller figures were the norm, in fact their really wasn't the emphasis on any size in particular!

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