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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Best Shot??? Collabro Reaction!

This is one of my favourite shots of the guys reaction to winning Britain's Got Talent!  I love how genuinely happy they are.  Also it looks as though Michael is proposing to Thomas...down on one knee!!  And Jamie in the background...

All of these pictures show just how much winning means to the guys and how humble they are...As if they weren't going to win!!!

Jamie so emotional


Rich literally jumping for joy!

Think Rich is a little pleased!

After the encore as winners

Thomas gives his reaction to winning!

With Ant and Dec....Dec's excited!!

A toast to the future!!

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Mitzi Rayburn said...

Love the pics Anna! They edit so much from TV! We as Collaborators want to live in the moment with Collabro and celebrate every second from winning to where they are now! Always in awe of their amazing talent, perfect harmonies, that they are truly brotherly bonded! This shows in every one of their performances! From the way they look at each other to the way their voices compliment each other! They are truly a gift and we are so blessed to be able to share their experiences with them! The fact that they and their families let us into their lives and share with us such personal moments and sentiments is a testament to them, their siblings and most importantly their parents! I love your blog! Thank you for doing this abd sharif your time and feelings as well!