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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Collabro perform at Silence in the Sqaure 2014

The boys performed at the Silence in the Square event in London's Trafalgar Square on Nov 11 2014.

I was feeling a tad emotional at the time anyway but watching this on Livestream was so moving!

It was a spine tingling performance as always but was particularly moving due to the nature of the event, remembering those brave people who lost their lives defending our country!

After the 2 minutes silence they performed 'Bring him home' from Les Miserables. It was so emotional and the lyrics made it even more so! Poppies fell on them during the song and the crowd put poppies in the fountains!

I would love to know how they felt when they sang!!

Here is the link, they perform Bring him Home at about 1hr4mins ...Enjoy!!

They also sang 'Over the Rainbow' and 'Stars'

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