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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Collabro's Beautiful Voices - Perfection

Collabro - a meeting of voices that blend together so seamlessly that at times it sounds like it is one voice! Their fans are regularly reduced to tears by the emotion they bring to the surface with every song.  The rapport between the boys is obvious too!

Collabro are unique and have introduced classical and musical theatre to the masses starting with Britain's Got Talent and now with their tour! Consistently dazzling performances makes them so awe-inspiring and has earned them great respect!  There is certainly no one else like them!

I love the way they harmonise so beautifully!  The arrangements for their performances are divine which makes them so captivating!

Making it look so easy, skilled at singing in different registers from tenor to baritone and counter-tenor at times you would be forgiven for thinking they have been singing together for years! They are also adept at extending their range to sing in falsetto; for example Richard at the beginning of 'Bring him home'.  I love the part in 'All of Me' where Thomas uses the counter-tenor of his voice's range, just stunning!

Accomplished at singing without instrumental accompaniment (A cappella) their voices blend together so wonderfully, producing a sound so pure its breathtaking!  Testament to how truly talented they are, no miming with these guys!

True perfection! 

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