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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Collabro chat - Jamie's Emotions & Michael's Fan Mishap!

Hey Collaborators, even though this is taken from quite an old interview, it took place in August 2014, its a really entertaining interview!  Also some things you may not have heard before so enjoy!!
The interview starts with them being asked by Stefan Kyriazis from the Star about their album Stars

Tom explains how it felt to win BGT!
MP: Its musical theatre numbers and we've got a couple of pop songs with a Collabro twist in there!
SK: So not any heavy metal or anything like that in there?
MP: Well, actually I rap on it.
SK: On the album?
MP: Yeah.

Matt Raps?

SK: Is this a good idea?
Matt smiles cheekily!
JL: He doesn't rap!
They all laugh

SK: What did winning feel like, when did it all sink in? Or had it sunk in yet?
TR: It still hasn't sunk in to be honest with you, things are moving so fast and we're doing so much at the moment that we haven't really had time to calm down. We've not really had time to sit down and let it all sink in, to sit back and go oh my god we won!  It's just an absolute blur at the moment!

SK: Can you remember anything that was going through your head? (To JL) Like please can I stop crying in front of a massive audience!
JL: I don't remember doing it you know!
MP: Tell him about the medic.
JL: Oh yeah, so my sister is a medical student and at the after party she was talking to the chief medical officer on site.  She said to me, you need to go and talk to that guy, he's got a really funny story for you!  So I did, he said, when you guys won and were singing your last song every medic there was on hand because we all thought you were going to collapse, I was like, really? Was I that bad? And then I watched it back and was like, fair enough!
SK: Complete wreak!
JL: Yeah, I was.
TR: We're there to catch him when he goes.
RH: It's the clenched fists that's the sign!
JL: When we won all the the families were lining up on the side of the stage and I saw my mum and that was why, we all got emotional when we saw our mums!

Image result for jamie lambert
Jamie with his mum, Lorraine!
SK: So whose mum is going to like turn into a superstar?
MA: My mum isn't on Twitter or anything, she doesn't even know what's going on!
SK: Does she know you've won?
MA I don't know actually! (he laughs) 

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Michael with his Mum!
SK: (To Jamie) You don't take a compliment very well do you?
JL: Why?
SK: Every time some one says something good about you, you kind of shake your head!
TR: He makes a face and goes (Tom shakes his head a screw up this face and they all laugh)

Tom demonstrating Jamie's face!

JL: That is not my face!

Jamie's not so sure!

TR: It is! (he repeats the impression of Jamie)
MA: Do the thing with your teeth!

JL: Apparently I make a really ugly face when I think I have something in my teeth! (He makes a face and demonstrates, they all laugh)

Jamie's 'teeth' face!

SK: So has anyone cried yet, that's always an awkward one!
TR: Oh Soccer Six! (He gestures to Michael)
MA: Oh gosh...(Richard laughs) 

MA: We were practising, just having a kick around and basically I went to shoot the ball and Matt was in goal and it went just over the crossbar and hit a girl in the face!  You know when a moment like slows down, I could see it was gonna hit her in the face but I didn't have time to do anything!  

MA: So it hit her in the face, I ran straight over and went 'I am so sorry, so sorry, is there anything I can do?' And she just said 'Can you sign my t-shirt?' I was like...errr...ok!

JL: The sound of it hitting her, it just like resounded, we were all like... (makes shocked face)


With the Star's reporter!

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