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Thursday, 12 March 2015

Collabro on Good Morning Britain - 12th March 2015

The guys on Good Morning Britain to talk about their new book!  Lovely to see them as its been a while since they have been on TV!

It starts with 'Let it Go' from Frozen being played in the background as the hosts introduce Collabro! They are currently on voice rest after their sold out tour so are unable to perform on the show!  The host try really hard to change their minds but to no avail!  Matt does do a very short hum but that's all!

They are wearing their grey suits, love how they wear different versions of the same colour!  Ben Shepard, one of the hosts states 'They are channelling their inner Christian Grey' to which the guys laugh out loud!!

Then a clip of the moment they won Britain's Got Talent is shown.  During their encore once they have won they sing with large gold glitter raining down on them and Susanna Reid, the other host, asks if any of it got in their mouths! This is something I have often wondered!  The answer is of course yes! Rich states that while singing and drawing in a breath he ended up with a mouthful!! Michael adds that they weren't told they would be singing with glitter falling!

Ben asks Jamie how many times he has watched that clip to which Jamie says that he's watched it so many times that he could recount every single detail second by second!

Susanna asks if they are imagine that Ant and Dec, the hosts of BGT, are going to say a different name!  Thomas answers that even watching it then he was still getting nervous thinking 'Oh god, I really hope its us'!  And Michael adds that his Dad still watches it all the time and often jokes, 'Is it going to be Lucy tonight'!

Susanna asks Rich 'Didn't you sing the wrong words during the encore of Stars on BGT' and he laughs saying that Michael put his hand on him as if to say 'its ok buddy'!

Thomas adds that the worst bit is seeing stills of the moment they won where he is half yelling and half blinking! Not a very flattering picture of him!

They then chat about the new book, Our Story, and Michael holds a copy of it up! Ben then asks him to talk about the book.  Michael explains that there are chapters about each of them up to when they formed Collabro, then the BGT process including some secret stories! The book goes up to when they perform at the Royal Variety Performance which was their prize!  Here they got to meet Prince William and Princess Catherine!  Thomas has said before that when they performed at the Royal Variety he was tempted to do a little wave to his very proud family but didn't as he remembered the Royals were there!!

Jamie speaks with his usual honesty about the part in the book about his struggle with body
dysmorphia and dyspraxia. He answers saying that people think that those who do reality TV programmes are just there & get a record contract but each of them have got a really long and very detailed story. He adds 'That's what's so wonderful about the book as its given us that opportunity'.

Jamie also says that lots of men who have eating disorders don't talk about it and that he things its a really important thing to do! I am sure that by speaking out he has already helped lots of people who are currently struggling!  He is very brave to be so honest and I really respect him and as well as love his voice!

They have performed at many really great gigs but Richard states that his favourite was at retired England rugby player Johnny Wilkinson's event and Ben jokes that its going to be hard to top that!!

Finally host Ben tries to persuade them to sing but ends up having to do so and Collabro laugh as he's forgotten the words to 'Let it Go'

Ben was forced to sing as Collabro were on a singing ban
This picture shows the boys laughing as host Ben Shepherd is forced to sing 'Let it Go' due to Collabro being on strick voice rest ahead of recording their new album!!

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