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Sunday, 22 March 2015

If Collabro went into politics!! Singing politicians...that's a first!!

So Collabro recently asked their Collaborators on Twitter and Facebook what they thought the Collabro manifesto would be...and here is the one they chose!!

Here it is. The manifesto of the 'Collabro Party' in one simple paragraph. Congratulations Kathy Edwards. A true ‪#‎Collabrostar‬
"We, Collabro, vow to end bullying, by challenging what people perceive as cool. We will banish stereotypes about homosexuality, about being skinny or overweight... We will show that if you feel cool, and you're happy with yourself, then that's the coolest way to be"
Amen to that! x

So would you vote for these clean cut, healthy living, intelligent looking men??  Yes of course you would.......

......Errr maybe not.......

Joking apart what would each one be the minister for??

Micheal - Minister for looking after the nations teeth and promoting the importance of being nice to each other!!

Richard - Minister for Sports - championing the promotion of rugby from grass roots upwards!!

Jamie - Health Minister and NHS saviour as well as anti bullying and positive body image!!

Matt - Minister for Fun - cheering up the nation in times of austerity!!

Thomas - Minister for the Arts championing the art of gaming...and acting and singing of course!!


Misti said...

Love this!!!

Mitzi Rayburn said...

Anna, love your blog! These assertations are spot on! Thanks for always putting a smile on my face, keeping us close to our Collabro and keep up the great work!

Mitzi Rayburn said...

Did you ever get my q's from the other day on your blog? If not, here they are: Did any of the guys ever write songs on their own priot to Collabro days? Have they written songs together since forming Collabro? What other genres of music do they listen to? What is their favorite movie and why? Thanks for your blog! Love it; keep it coming! Have a great day everyone!