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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Weekly Q & A Feature!!! Find out more about Collabro Here!!

So Collaborators...once a week I will get a question answered by Collabro and post it in my Blog!! This is going to be excellent and I have some brilliant questions lined up!!!

(updated 06/04/2015)

My First Question is;

Q1: What is your dream musical theatre lead role?

So I asked the guys and they answered as follows;

Matt- Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys
Jamie - Javert in Les Miserables
Thomas - Arnold Cunningham in The Book of Mormon
Michael - Link Larkin in Hairspray
Richard - Jean Valjean in Les Miserables or Sweeny in Sweeny Todd!

Lets hope that one day they get to play these roles!!

Q2: How do they decide which member sings which part in their arrangements?? (something I have always wanted to ask!)

A: "We are aware of eachothers voice ranges and how our voices sound at different points in the song so its really easy to dish out! Also we try to keep it even across all songs but its difficult sometimes as there is 5 of us!!!!"

Q3: Do they keep any of the clothes worn in their promo shoots?

A: We do keep some clothes but rarely, but always from their album shoots.  We have a lot of suits!!

Q4: What invention would you bring to Dragons Den? (UK TV programme where inventors try to secure investment)

A: Jamie - Beeper type things for objects so that when you lose them they can be found quickly!
I guess Jamie must lose things a lot and I know I've wasted a lot of time looking for things I have lost so he gets my vote!!

Some examples of other questions, be patient as the guys are really busy so I only get to ask them when they get a spare minute!!! Thanks

Do they have any other talents?

So I asked Collabro is they have any other talents!
Jamie - Fluent in Spanish & of course writing
Thomas - Great at gaming but he also plays some musical instruments
Matt - Brilliant at catching things in his mouth
Here are some clips to prove it!

Richard: Really good rugby player 'Good at running through people!' He's also very strong and lift heavy stuff!!

Embedded image permalink

Michael - Very good with numbers - 'Band Accountant'
He can also walk on his hands so I asked for proof and he sent me this pic of him walking on his hands on the beach in Mexico!

I've zoomed in so you can see he is walking on his hands and not just doing a handstand as the sand dust shows!!  Good one Michael!!

Some other questions I will ask!!

Who would be their dream dinner party guests, dead or alive?

What's their favourite movie and why?

What other genres of music do they like to listen to?

What music do they listen to while in the gym?

And lots more!!

And don't forget to leave your comments!!!!!


Mitzi Rayburn said...

Great Q & A Anna! An awesome way to get more info on our FAB 5 for us Collaborators! Great q's lined up & can't wait for more; 1 question a week is not enough but will take what we can get! Thanks for doing this and all your hard work; appreciated! Love your blog and check back daily! Have a great day & thanks again!

Mitzi Rayburn said...

Anna if you get enough questions (can't imagine you wouldn't) would you turn this into a daily Q & A? Weekly is awesome but a long time to wait for more answers to their Collaborators questions! Happy Friday! Hope you are having a great day & have a great weekend!

Mitzi Rayburn said...

Anna I have another question for our FAB 5. Might be a bit too personal but I was wondering after their last UK concert the pic of the 5 of them hugging...I would like to know what their thoughts were and what they were saying to each other if anything. How long did they stay on stage for and did the come back out for an encore performance? Thanks.

Mitzi Rayburn said...

Thanks for the update on your blog. Always fun learning new things about our FAB 5!