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Monday, 9 March 2015

@CollabroGlobal WOW audience at their Grimsby show!

So I have seen the Collabro Concert for the second time and this time from the front row, felt like they were in my front room! It was a bit surreal to see the guys up close!

Before the show I met with another Collaborator Jodie and immediately we get on like old friends. This is another aspect of  the Collabro journey I enjoy, making new friends!  Turns out she loves photography and gets some excellent shots during the show!  I love writing, wrote my first book at age 8, and so this post is a Collaboration of two Collaborators who love Collabro and creativity! Jodie's photos and my writing!

Here we are together!!!!

Check out Jodie's website, she's super talented!!

When the guys first appear in front of those classy Collabro letters they receive applause from the audience showing them just how happy their fans are that they have achieved so much in such a short space of time, lets not forget they have only known each other for just over a year!  Their idea of bringing classical style and musical theatre to the masses is ingenious, they have been classed as a cross between IL Divo and One Direction!

The show starts with singer songwriter Philippa Hanna, an unsigned artist whose been lucky enough to be invited into the Collabro Tour!  Her vocals are awesome and her song writing talent is brilliant. She sings several original songs and a cover of Lighthouse! Her open and honest chat with the audience is endearing telling of her journey so far!  I did get her album at the show and wish her all the luck in the world for her future!  Watch this space! Follow her on Twitter to keep up with her future! @Philippahanna

'Come What May' is performed with Lucy Kay, starting with a duet with Matt, Lucy at the front of the stage with Matt entering at the top of the stairs!  Next Richard joins her with his consistently rich vocals (no pun intended!).  During this you can just see that they genuinely admire Lucy's vocal ability and I feel as if she's part of the band!  The song ends with all of them singing, their voices overlapping delightfully!

'With You' from the musical Ghost is performed at the front of the stage with them taking seats on stools.  Jamie, who has gained the label 'The Emotional One' really feels the lyrics in this one, the way he projects this to the audience makes us all emotional!  Matt sings this with such passion, his acting past coming over really well here!

When Michael sings its clear to see how much he loves to perform!
The way he articulates the lyrics and uses his polished vocal technique is just superb!

'Music of The Night' from the musical Phantom of the Opera is performed with they guys in a V formation on the stairs of the stage.  This song was voted as the one most fans wanted them to sing via Facebook and Twitter!  I love 'Music of The Night' and have done for years!

'Somewhere' which is from West Side Story, one of my Dad's favourite musicals, is one I have loved since I was a child, in fact its probably where my love for musical theatre started!

Of course when they sing 'Let it Go' the audience are singing along with them.  Their interpretation of this is adorable! Their ability to cover anything from popular music to a Disney song is uuique, they always manage to make it their own....that now famous 'Collabro Twist'!

I just love their ability to perceive and reproduce songs using different aspects of music including pitch, rhythm, harmony & beautiful melodies!  This is showcased in their cover of the iconic Friends theme tune 'I'll be there for you'.  For this they have slowed the usual fast rhythm down, use humming as accompaniment to vocals and Jamie playing the piano!  The result is just brilliant, really hope this makes it to their album!

Thomas starts 'Over The Rainbow' with a solo performance so pure its captivating!    This song is a delightful fusion of polished harmonies and beautiful vocal ranges!  They had planned to sing this at Britain's Got Talent but were 'persuaded' to sing something else! Another cover they do is 'A Thousand Years' by Christina Perry.  This confirms the label that's been given to them of 'Classical Pop Crossover'

'All of Me' by John Legend is one of my favourite covers by Collabro (I have lots of favourites). Again Thomas' solo in this is stunning, he uses all aspects of his vocal register and I love the falsetto, kind of reminds me of listening to the choir boys sing in St James church when I was a child!

'Stars' oh how I love thee! Again this takes me back to the moment on Britain's Got Talent when Richard very bravely started the Collabro journey with his impeccable solo, guess playing rugby has made him brave!  This audition has been viewed on YouTube 15,911.318 times at the last count!

They also perform 'Bring Him Home' and 'I Dreamed a Dream' from Les Miserables. Richard again showcases his rich vocal ability in this (no pun intended!)  Just love his falsetto in this!

At the end of the show they receive a standing ovation, one of many in fact!  It's our turn to show our appreciation to them for bringing this beautiful Collabro sound to us!

This was Thomas' home crowd and lots of his very proud family were in the audience! And of course me a proud #LouthCollaborator

Here are some excellent photos courtesy of Jodie, thank you Jodie!!

So this is the Collaboration of two Collaborators who love being creative!
Please come back for more!!  Thanks for taking the time to read my Blog!!

Here are a couple of examples of Jodie's other work!!

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